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January 17 to 26, 2020

If seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is on your bucket list, this trip is for you. Tanzania will enchant you with its natural beauty, brought to life by the mysterious creatures that that roam its landscapes. You will also find an inspiring community spirit among the people you meet.

Cost — $2200 plus airfare

Included —

Grant Opportunity — Partial grants are available to current and retired school staff and university faculty who are paying full cost out of pocket. In order to be eligible, you must complete the following requirements:

Day 1 — Arrive in Tanzania

You will fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport, where a representative from your host Jifundishe will meet you and other team members. The drive to the Jifundishe guest house is approximately 45 minutes.

Day 2 — Jifundishe grounds

Your only agenda items today are to explore your surroundings and get to know your fellow travelers. The team will hold a meeting to plan for the week ahead.

Day 3 through 7 — Communities near Jifundishe

This week in the school will allow you to use your teaching skills in collaboration with local educators. Based on what their learning goals are, you will discuss and demonstrate student-centered strategies while integrating the local culture.

Day 8 through 9 — Visit nearby wildlife park

As a reward for all your hard work in the school, you’ll spend the last part of your trip experiencing what makes Africa such a magical place. There are game reserves nearby that contain stunning landscapes as well as animals like giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebras, warthogs, monkeys, flamingos and elephants.

Day 9 — More sightseeing and tourism

Your second day of tourism will give you an opportunity to explore more of the beguiling scenery and diverse wildlife. Whereas most safari-seekers head to the Serengeti, you’ll enjoy the relaxed pace of staying off the beaten path.

Day 10 — Return home

You’ll have to say goodbye to your new friends today, but you’ll be able to carry your memories home with you to cherish.

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