Looking to expand your horizons as a teacher?

Our Teacher Trips connect you with other talented education professionals around the globe.

On our T2TGlobal Teacher Trips, we pair US educators like you with local educators from one of our partner countries.


It is our mission to foster cross-cultural connections in education through our summer Teacher Trips.

We begin by matching US educators like you with local teachers in one of our partner countries.

Your visit starts with culture-based exploration. Next you’ll spend school days observing and co-teaching in your partner’s classroom. Your afternoons will be filled with professional development workshops and lesson-planning with your partner.


We regret that all summer 2020 Teacher Trips have been canceled due to safety concerns created by the Covid-19 outbreak. Please let us know if you’re interested in traveling in 2021 so that we can let you know what opportunities become available!

Want to join us on our next trip?

Get in touch with us to travel in 2021. Grants and CEUs are available.

Hear from past teachers…

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