Looking to expand your horizons as a teacher?

Our Teacher Trips connect you with other talented education professionals around the globe.

On our T2TGlobal Teacher Trips, we pair US educators like you with local educators from one of our partner countries.


It is our mission to foster cross-cultural connections in education through our yearly Teacher Trips.

We begin by matching US educators like you with local teachers in one of our partner countries.

The first day of your visit is culture-based exploration. Next you’ll spend school days observing and co-teaching in your partner’s classroom. One-on-one meetings and professional development workshops take place during the afternoons.

By sharing your expertise, you will enable your partner to expand her confidence and teaching skills.

2019 Teacher Trips


June 15 to 24

$1500 plus airfare

This trip will include four days of workshops with local teachers as well as a visit to a wildlife preserve. Specific details are still being worked out with our partner Jifundishe.


June 28 to July 6

$1550 plus airfare

Experience firsthand the ancient Maya traditions that thrive in this part of Guatemala. You’ll explore the colonial city of Antigua while offering a week of collaborative coaching in two nearby local schools.


July 3 to 14

$900 plus airfare

Many years ago, escaped African slaves journeyed up the Onzole River to establish secluded jungle settlements. You’ll travel by canoe to one of these villages that offers an unparalleled community spirit.

Galápagos Islands

July 17 to 28

$2575 plus airfare

Follow in Darwin’s footsteps by partnering with a teacher in the archipelago’s most populous town. In your free time, enjoy spectacular biodiversity by visiting giant tortoises or by snorkeling with sea turtles.


August 1 to 10

$1550 plus airfare

Belize’s culture and traditions make up an important part of this trip. From food to language to social justice, your journey through this country will provide an intimate experience.


August 2 to 10

$1200 plus airfare

Colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city and main seaport. Its warm, humid climate and plentiful seafood give it a tropical, coastal vibe.

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