The creation of Teachers2Teachers-International


 (Charlotte McGlone and Chadd McGlone in Guatemala 2013)

The point in a person’s story when everything changes can arrive like a typhoon or a gentle breeze. Sometimes it is only in hindsight that a person can isolate the exact moment when life pivoted and headed off in an entirely new direction. For Chadd McGlone, the moment arrived during an altogether mundane conversation with his 17-year-old daughter about her imminent college search.

“Dad?” Charlotte queried, “I need something to put on my college applications that will look really cool, like a trip or an mission project.”

In retrospect, Chadd’s invitation to Charlotte to travel to Guatemala to work as part of a teaching team seemed the easiest answer to her dilemma. His math education colleague, Dr. Jim Barta, had been recruiting him for years. A school in the remote mountains of rural Guatemala requested assistance each summer, and Dr. Barta had escorted math teachers for weeklong mentoring trips, developing a unique model of professionally development with teachers in the school. High school students were eligible to accompany the team in supportive roles.

Chadd and Charlotte spent last two weeks in June of 2013 in Guatemala and returned as different people. The teachers and students at the school had been so welcoming and gracious, so excited about learning, that Chadd began to think of how he could continue this work in other deserving schools.  Through a series of remarkable coincidences, he met educators, non-profit personnel, and financial advisors who guided him along a fast-paced path that resulted in the formation of Teachers2Teachers – International later that summer. 

Since then, T2T-I has grown beyond what Chadd would have dreamed possible. His passion for supporting teachers in developing countries, combined with his cultural sensitivity and global awareness, have inspired many others to join the organization.  For example, Chris Sherman, an employee of the town of Carrboro, made a leap of faith to leave his job to serve as T2T-I’s chief financial officer. Brenda Pomeroy, a retired high-tech executive, has volunteered countless hours as a mentor. 

Chadd led a successful trip back to Guatemala in June 2014, and he has scouted schools in Honduras, Ecuador, Belize, South Africa, Haiti, Uganda, and Zambia. He has left his job teaching middle school to become T2T-I’s full-time executive director in September 2014. T2T-I’s team is rounded out by unpaid staff who recruit teachers, manage social media content, plan fundraising events, and supervise interns. It is 501©(3) approved and listed on GuideStar. If the future months bring as much exciting change as the past year, look out!

For further information, check out T2T-I’s website:

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