ORIGO Education and T2TGlobal have been transforming classrooms around the world together since May 2019.

By supporting T2TGlobal’s programs, ORIGO Education has created opportunities for classroom teachers around the world to learn new teaching strategies. Math classes are now more engaging and culturally responsive for students.

Since first meeting the ORIGO team, we’ve known they were a special kind of partner. They share our commitment to the movement and don’t shy away from hard work. They’re in the trenches with us. They roll up their sleeves and help us do the actual work when and where it matters the most.

NEPAL 2019


It’s evident that whether in the US or halfway around the world, teachers strive to be the best they can for their students! It’s an honor to serve teachers no matter their location!


The ten days in Nepal have certainly enhanced and broadened my teaching practice. I have returned to the classroom richer for the experience, wiser for the cross-cultural opportunity and, I hope, a more rounded and relevant practitioner.

From left to right: Marty Dures, James Burnett and Peter Stowasser in Nepal

From left to right — In Nepal, Marty made new friends, while James Burnett and Peter Stowasser received warm welcomes.



The coaching trip to Tanzania was full of highlights!

ORIGO-sponsored Australian teacher Kim McHugh led workshops for local educators (top left and bottom right). ORIGO-sponsored New Zealand teacher Kelly Hack bonded with school leadership and T2TGlobal’s staff representative (top middle and bottom left). ORIGO’s own Sara Moore brought resources to schools that will strengthen student learning (top right and bottom middle).

Successful partners don’t just share the same goals. They share the same vision, beliefs, and values. We’re really fortunate to have found this with ORIGO Education. It’s been a natural fit because of their commitment to transforming math class for both teachers and students, moving away from ineffective, traditional teaching styles and towards dynamic instructional practices that help students to build and apply the knowledge themselves.

— Ali Jones, T2TGlobal Executive Director

From the moment I connected with James Burnett, the founder of ORIGO Education, I knew our partnership was going to be fruitful. Since then, I’ve been humbled by the support James and ORIGO have shown T2TGlobal. Our educational visions could not be more aligned. I saw firsthand in Nepal how the ORIGO approach to mathematics instruction fits my view of great teaching. I have even used the strategies I learned on that trip with teachers in other countries.

— Chadd McGlone, T2TGlobal Founder

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