A most memorable year is ahead! We are reaching out with thanks for Laeta, who has enabled young girls in Ecuador to succeed in math. In honor of her friends and family, she is launching another year of T2TGlobal’s successful Girls steM Club.

Experiencing math outside of the classroom enables girls to learn key problem-solving skills. The club builds girls’ confidence to push the boundaries of knowledge.

The power of critical thinking through math should be in the hands of every girl. Our club creates a safe space to welcome curiosity and wonder. Girls learn skills that empower them to succeed in STEM subjects, opening up non-traditional careers.


Francisca is a first-grade teacher who is also a graduate student in education at the University of Guayaquil. The stipend she earns through Club leadership helps cover her tuition for a master’s degree.

Even with her busy schedule, she never misses a Club meeting. She shows up twice each week throughout the school year to plan and carry out activities.

Francisca gives the Club her undivided attention, because she recognizes that consistent math education for girls is vital.


Dina is a third-grade teacher who has risen to a leadership role in the Club. Her confidence has grown as she implements different pedagogical strategies.

Dina displays the gentleness and understanding that are essential components of teacher leadership. She has found a good balance between being a compassionate educator and also knowing how to hold high expectations.

This helps her to provide stronger educational opportunities for her students.

Dina and Francisca want to make sure the Club continues. On the final field trip, they approached our staff representative to ask about possibilities for the second year.

The bus buzzed with the excitement of 24 girls headed to downtown Guayaquil. Teachers were taking attendance, collecting 25-cent contributions and trying to control the noise. As the cinder-block barrio of Bastión Popular receded, Dina and Francisca sat down next to me.

They thanked me for all that T2TGlobal has done for their students. They knew that T2TGlobal hoped to raise funds to continue the Club, so they asked about the progress of this effort.

They pointed out how rarely they’ve received support throughout an entire school year. T2TGlobal’s strong commitment creates deeper, more lasting change, they said. To know that T2TGlobal is working hard to be able to continue the Club means a lot to them.

“We have learned so much, and we want to keep going.”

T2TGlobal is hugely thankful to Laeta for her gift.

When you donate to the Girls steM Club, you give Francisca and Dina

the momentum to propel their students forward.

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