Building a global alliance for educators

We empower teachers and students worldwide through culturally relevant STEM education.

At T2TGlobal, we’re committed to empowering educators.

We connect talented educators from different countries. Our aim is to foster partnerships and provide learning opportunities for them to create culturally relevant education solutions for their own classrooms.

Our programs

Our programs emphasize a culturally relevant, student-centered approach to education as well as respect for each community’s learning goals.

Teacher Trips

We bring teams of skilled educators to schools in our partner countries for 1-2 weeks.

Educators work with and learn from local teachers, collaborating to best adapt STEM lessons to their cultural context.

In-country and visiting educators leave the experience with new approaches for integrating STEM and culture into their classrooms.

Teacher Support

We offer tailored professional development to STEM teachers in the US and abroad.

Our workshops connect innovative, evidence-based education strategies with culturally relevant applications.

We further support teachers by serving as coaches, empowering them to integrate a global approach to STEM into their own classrooms and beyond.

Online Resources

We make STEM easy, fun and exciting by sourcing narratives from around the world.

With Global Math Stories, K-12 teachers can use our virtual platform for math and science lessons with real-world contexts.

Students might learn about tree-climbing goats in Morocco or ship-breaking workers in Bangladesh. GMS helps educators keep STEM engaging.

Empower a teacher to shape a better tomorrow.