In recognition of the fact that implementation is the greatest hurdle for teachers to overcome when learning a new classroom strategy, T2TGlobal focuses on empowerment. When teachers feel confident in their teaching skills, they are more willing to take risks and more patient with their own learning process.

T2TGlobal coaching starts by modeling what best practices in student-centered STEM lessons look like. Teachers experience lessons as learners, showing them their students’ perspective. This active process of wrestling with a problem produces critical thinking and engagement. Teachers are more likely to replace traditional lecture-based teaching with student-centered activities when they experience them firsthand.

T2TGlobal also focuses on building respectful relationships with educators by honoring their rich cultural heritage. This leads to an authentic collaborative approach to education, combining academic research and local knowledge. Teachers who work with T2TGlobal feel empowered to provide engaging, culturally relevant lessons for their students and share their strategies with other teachers in the community.

Student-centered, global and
culturally relevant pedagogy

Most education experts agree that the most effective form of classroom teaching places students at the center. Student-centered learning replaces the teacher as the source of knowledge with students actively discovering knowledge for themselves. Students identify what they want to learn and how they’re going to learn it. The teacher facilitates learning by encouraging collaboration, engaging students in decision-making, providing opportunities for students to lead, supporting productive struggle, and celebrating successes.

A large body of research demonstrates that student-centered approaches maximize benefits to students. Outcomes include higher student engagement, improved student learning across many subjects and even closure of opportunity gaps. The impact of T2TGlobal’s programs are students with deeper STEM subject knowledge, who develop problem-solving skills as well as critical and logical thinking.

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