We believe that empowered educators hold the key to a more just and equal world.

We provide resources, professional development opportunities, and culturally relevant support for teachers to inspire students worldwide.

Together, we’re building a global community of educators to create a better future for us all.

The point in a person’s life when everything changes can arrive like a typhoon or a gentle breeze. Sometimes only in hindsight can a person isolate the exact moment when his or her path headed off in an entirely new direction.

For Dr. Chadd McGlone, the moment arrived during an altogether mundane conversation with his daughter Charlotte about her imminent college search. As they discussed her dreams of travel, Chadd remembered an invitation extended to him by a math education colleague, Dr. Jim Barta.

As a result, Chadd and Charlotte spent two weeks working at an elementary school in a remote mountain village in Guatemala. The teachers and students at the school had been so welcoming and gracious, so excited about learning, that Chadd began to dream about how he could continue this work in other deserving schools. Through a series of remarkable coincidences, he met educators, nonprofit personnel, and financial advisors who guided him to form Teachers2Teachers Global later that summer.

Since then, T2TGlobal has grown beyond Chadd’s initial dreams. The organization’s passion for supporting teachers in developing countries, combined with its emphasis on cultural sensitivity and global awareness, have inspired many others to join in. T2TGlobal’s team was rounded out by volunteers who recruited trip participants, coordinated events, and provided other valuable services.

Chadd left his job teaching middle school to become T2TGlobal’s full-time Executive Director in September 2014. His wife, Jenny, joined him soon after.

Since 2014, we’ve grown into a diverse network of over 300 educators that spans 10 countries.

Education is the key to global change

T2TGlobal continues to foster collaboration, community and cultural exchange opportunities for teachers to work together to provide a high quality STEM-based education that transcends borders.

We fundamentally believe that education is the key to global change, and that investing in teachers means investing in our future. We will continue to provide a platform for global knowledge, support and resources that empowers educators to shape the innovators and global citizens of tomorrow.

Let’s empower our teachers to empower our students.

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