New Hope Community

by Common Hope

New Hope Village was created in 1999 after
Hurricane Mitch, when Common Hope relocated families living on the dangerous
ravines outside of Guatemala City. A 34-acre cow pasture was transformed into a
peaceful village. People who once lived in desperate urban poverty now have a
safe, permanent place to raise their families and a beautiful new school in
which their children can receive a quality education.

Home to 42 families, the community has
formed leadership roles, creating a formal neighborhood association that
governs the community.

Construction of New Hope School was
completed in 2005. Laughter now echoes in the hallways, and brightly decorated
classrooms are filled with students learning and discovering. The school also
has a covered basketball court, playground equipment, and a preschool.

Common Hope uses curriculum at New Hope
School that encourages active, engaged learning and critical and creative
thinking — methods that are uncommon in Guatemala, where rote learning is still

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