We traveled to Nepal in May with a group of 12 expert educators from the US, Nepal and Australia. Our purpose was to provide math workshops while exploring possibilities for future collaboration. We had a fruitful experience and now are building a plan to continue supporting teachers there.

Top row (left to right) —  Greg Foley, Kyndall Brown, Carol Russell, James Burnett, Terry Goodman, Marian Prince, Kristin Johnson, Ali Jones, Matrika Prasad Baral and Birendra Khadka

Bottom row (left to right) — Sthir Babu Subedi, Bhesh Mainali, Deependra Budhathoki, Noemi Sophia, Gary Hill, Chadd McGlone, Paul Ransford

Others not pictured —  Arjan Khalsa, Dalbir Khalsa, Jo Foley, Martin Dures, Peter Stowasser


We led three conferences on mathematical teaching techniques that apply to children ages 5 through 18. Workshops reflected the leading research adapted for Nepal with local experts.

  • Conferences were sponsored by local education organizations
  • We had 600 participants, exactly!
    • Pokhara — 226
    • Bharatpur — 124
    • Kathmandu — 250
  • Teachers had an average of 157 students per year

“It was not boring like just an ordinary training. Here trainers were making us engaged.”

Nepali teacher


We worked in local classrooms, observing the techniques employed by our Nepali colleagues. We partnered with them to model leading practices in the science of teaching and learning.

  • We visited over 20 classrooms in 11 schools
  • 100% of teachers surveyed said —
    • The training was helpful
    • They would participate in a training like ours again
    • They are interested in learning more about this style of teaching

“I wish to receive such type of training for long time.” Nepali teacher


We met with national educational leaders at Kathmandu University. The shared values between T2TGlobal and this group make us excited for future collaboration.

  • The Nepali team indicated a strong desire to partner with T2TGlobal
  • They identified a group of government schools in a high-poverty area for potential intervention
  • We established plans to draft a proposal together

“This training is different than others as here we got theoretical knowledge along with practical application methods.”

Nepali teacher

Empower a teacher to shape a better tomorrow.

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