Mathematics Education International Encounter

Workshops in the School Colegio Agustiniano, Guatemala City

Written by Lucía Dávila, Guatemala City, Guatemala

The teachers started arriving at 7:00am, and their energetic excitement spilled over onto the rest of us in attendance. Some of them had traveled up to three hours to be there. We were ready to get to work!



Meanwhile, the local teachers got in line and started the registration process, where they received logistical information and appropriate material.



The welcoming remarks began at 8:00 in the beautiful
auditorium of the school.



After a welcome and introductions, the eminently
qualified Linda Gojak from Cleveland, Ohio, proceeded to deliver her lecture,
which was centered on the “Common Core” and “Effective Mathematics Teaching
Practices.” U.S. faculty member Rick Scott served as her English/Spanish

Click here to learn more about the workshop Linda guided and the activities
for teachers.



At 10:00 it was time for a break, and we had a
delicious snack including cupcakes, burritos, and coffee.


The first set of workshops started at 10:30, and by
that time our speakers were already at their classrooms waiting for teachers to
arrive and begin the fun.


At noon, the second set of workshops commenced, which
meant that everyone had to move around to look for the classroom holding their
choice of topic. In each location, activities involved the teachers, who shared
their knowledge and experience, as well as their new ideas and their explanations
of how they were going to use them in their classrooms.

Click here to learn
more about the workshops and activities.


Lunch came around next, and the teachers used the time
to keep sharing and bonding while enjoying their meal. Given that the teachers
were from different schools in widespread parts of the city, it was interesting
to see how quickly they befriended each other. They seemed to find it
advantageous to convene in an activity like this.

“It is a really nice activity where we can interact
with a lot of colleagues,” reported one participant.


By our third set of workshops, everyone was an expert
on the logistics and ready to give it their all. The teachers had been working
hard, but the exhaustion didn’t keep them from enjoying the last workshop and
getting actively engaged in it.

Click here to learn more about the workshops and


At the end of the day, we gathered together once again
at the auditorium. Closing remarks and certificates were delivered, and finally
nothing was left but to say “until next time”.


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