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The Problem

As a mathematics education community, we want to bring attention and meaningful action to systemic inequities caused by long-standing racial oppression. All injustices, from climate change to income inequality to LGBTQ+ oppression, are exacerbated by racism. It’s not enough to simply denounce white supremacy and privilege, we must work actively to dismantle it.

The Challenge

We believe the biggest challenge facing the world right now is one of problem solving. We need to focus on the problem and our connections to it as well as to each other. Math 4 Antiracism will allow us to unite as a global movement to fight social injustice. There is no time to lose.

The solution

Math class is where students develop the critical thinking needed to challenge unjust systems in their own lives and communities. At T2TGlobal, our teacher partners guide their students to solve problems in the real world. These collaborations initiate active, meaningful steps toward greater equity and inclusion.

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