Kate Kager Smith Comes on Board

Have you ever had the experience of the same person crossing your path at all sorts of random, unexpected times? At most, you might have a brief, casual chat, but afterwards you think to yourself how much you’d like to know that person better? Kate Kager Smith has been such a person in my life, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity now to work alongside her on the T2TGlobal team.

Teaching First

As T2TGlobal’s new Development Coordinator, Kate’s experience in the education and fundraising fields is exactly what we need. Kate majored in Elementary Education in college and started her professional career as a first grade teacher in Maryland. After four years, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where she taught first and fourth grades. At the same time, she enrolled in NC State University’s Master of Education program (insert braggy comment here about 4.0 she earned!) Her major in Educational Leadership and Program Evaluation led her to some administrative work and the county school system’s Future Leaders program.

Next Chapter

When parenthood entered the picture, Kate put her education career on pause while she raised three children. Two daughters and a son kept her busy, but she continued to hone her career-related skills on staff at her church by directing its youth religious formation curriculum. She also served on two preschool boards and as treasurer of her neighborhood’s elementary school parent-teacher association.

As Kate’s church role evolved, opportunities emerged in the fundraising field. This opened the door to a position at a philanthropy consulting business in Chapel Hill, NC. Working primarily in client services, Kate partnered with various organizations, including nonprofits, to advance their fundraising objectives.

T2TGlobal Enters the Story

Now comes the point where Kate intersects with T2TGlobal just at the time when we’re realizing we need to more intentionally tend to our development goals. With everyone on staff currently operating at capacity, we took a look at our budget and realized that we could add a part-time position.

Kate is helping T2TGlobal multiply its steps to success. Photo credit: Andi Green

As we cast about for people to interview, Kate’s name was suggested by a local NC donor. Having encountered Kate over the years, I was even more excited when I saw that Kate’s resume read like the job description for the new Development Coordinator position.

After interviewing three candidates, Kate was the unanimous choice to expand T2TGlobal’s fundraising efforts. Her first day was February 1, and in two months she has already become invaluable. All those past moments of wondering to myself whether Kate was as incisive, capable and principled as she seemed? The answer: wholeheartedly yes!

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