Costa Rica

A Turtle’s Pace

by Greylyn Owens
Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Math Questions

  1. How many eggs will a turtle lay in a year?
  2. If 20 percent of hatchlings makes it to the open water from their nest, how many will get there safely?
  3. How big does a nest need to be to hold 100 eggs?
  4. Would it be better for the mother to dig a round or a square nest? Justify your answer.

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Extension Questions

  1. Do some research about what threats from humans sea turtles face when they come to and from arribadas. What can we do about these?
  2. How can we help increase the population of sea turtles in our oceans?

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  1. One-minute video of a nesting sea turtle
  2. One-minute video of hatchlings scrambling for open water
  3. Interview about World Sea Turtle Awareness Programme

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