Sun Society Picnic

by an anonymous friend

Ghaziabad in the Uttar Pradesh region in India is a fast growing industrial city and home to more than a million people. The following story brings it to life.

In the Sun Society neighborhood were 12 towers, each with 5 floors where 60 families lived. One day some families decided to have a picnic in a 200-acre forest. Three quarters of the families agreed to visit Corbett National Park, 200 kilometers away, to discover what the park was famous for — tigers.

The Fun Begins

One hundred and fifty people decided to go by bus. Each bus carried 50 passengers. The tour started at 8:00 AM and arrived at the park just in time for lunch. About 110 people were playing and swimming while the rest went on safari through the jungle, half using jeeps and the others riding elephants.

A Tiger Trap Surpise

Suddenly, the jeeps were caught in traps laid by tiger hunters. The people cried out in confusion! Ten people returned to the group for help. They sent 5 policemen with tools to release the jeeps. Next, hunters arrived and were captured by the police. The Sun Society people invited the police to eat with them and food was cooked for the whole group.

Heading Home

In the afternoon, the group returned to Ghaziabad. The bus driver charged 15 rupees per kilometer. Each one of 45 families contributed an equal share of the total price. At the end of the day, everyone was so happy that they decided to plan another picnic.

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Math Questions

  1. If each 5-story tower was home to 60 families, how many families lived on each floor?
  2. If three quarters of the families agree to go on the picnic, what percentage of the families decided to stay?
  3. How many buses were needed to transport 150 people?
  4. How long was the trip to the picnic?
  5. How many people went on safari to the jungle? How many were riding elephants?
  6. How many people were trapped by the tiger hunters?

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Social Justice Questions

  1. Do some research to find out what the laws are about traps for tigers in India? Do you think they are strict enough? Too strict?
  2. What rights do you think tigers should have in India? Should everyone have the right to roam freely?

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