Market Day

by Chadd McGlone
Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Math Questions

  1. You bought two blouses for Q200.00 and a quilt by Q500.00 How much money did you spent?
  2. You bought a new blouse handmade by Q120.00 and the person who made the blouse took 5 hours to finish. What did she earn per hour in dollars?
  3. Carlos is working for his family and his sister is not feeling well enough to go to market. They sell suits and jackets. Carlos can not remember how much to charge for each and every jacket and suit, but he remembers that last week they sold 15 suits and 11 jackets and earned Q1, 445.00 profit. Also the week before they sold 30 suits and 7 jackets and obtained Q2,120.00 profits. Use this information to determine how much you should charge for each suit and jacket that Carlos sells?
  4. The cost to have a place in the market every Sunday is Q1,000.00. If the family, on average, sells 5 suits, 9 blouses, and 13 jackets every week, what is a reasonable amount for the family to charge for each item? Justify your choices. What should you tell people the cost of each object is when they approach the booth?

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Extension Questions

  1. Do you think it was fair for Roman Catholics to construct a church on a sacred Mayan site? Why or why not?
  2. If takes a person one day to construct a huipil quilt, is it fair for the buyer to purchase it for less than $25USD (an approximate living wage in Guatemala)? As a buyer, is it your responsibility to consider this issue or is it the seller’s responsibility?

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  1. Blog essay on the Chichi market
  2. Enjoy Guatemala page on Chichicastenango
  3. Wikipedia page on Chichicastenango
  4. Six-minute YouTube video of Chichi market

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