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One of the most effective ways to help teachers engage with students is through stories. With our Global Math Stories platform, we compile real-world accounts from schools across the globe to help make learning math fun, interactive and relevant for students, wherever they are.

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Bangladesh (Chalanbeel) — The Floating School

Bangladesh (Chittagong) — A Cemetery for Ships

Bangladesh (Sundarbans) — The Honey Harvest

China (Mutianyu) — The Great Wall

China (Xinjiang) — A Prominent Province

Kazakhstan — The Vanishing Sea

India (Ghaziabad) — Sun Society Picnic

India (Kolkata) — Why Not Try a Chai?

Indonesia — Dowry Dealings

Indonesia — Common Threads

Japan — Field of Dreams

Papua New Guinea — The High Life

Philippines (Pasig) — Jollibee: A Taste to Remember

Philippines (Sulu Sea) —  A Life at Sea

Russia — A Crater Full of Diamonds

Saudi Arabia — Kites of the Desert

Sri Lanka — A Different Kind of Fishing Pole

United Arab Emirates — The Tallest Building in the World



Finland — Reindeer Racing

Spain — El Acueducto de Segovia

Switzerland — The Chronology of Chocolate

United Kingdom (Scotland) — Highland Games



Kenya — A Story From Kar Geno

Madagascar — Land of Lemurs

Mauritania — The Iron Ore Express

Morocco — This One Will Get Your Goat

Rwanda — What Are You Doing on Saturday?

Tanzania — Counting ZZZZebras


Central America

Belize — Braving the Cave

Costa Rica (Ostional) — A Turtle’s Pace

Costa Rica (Ujarrás) — The Mysterious Church

Guatemala (Chicabal) — A Legendary Lagoon

Guatemala (Chichicastenango) — Sunday Market

Guatemala (Santa Avelina) — Gardens of Goodness

Haiti — A CAP-tivating Adventure Around Cap-Haitien

Turks and Caicos — Island Adventure


North America

Canada (Ontario) — What Is Curling?

Canada (Québec) — A Traditional Dish or a Dang Mess?

United States (Alaska) — The Greatest Race on Earth

United States (Florida) — Peacocks Proliferate Profusely

United States (Massachusetts) — A Sweet Story

United States (Michigan) — Kwezage’win Two-Sided Dice Game

United States (North Carolina) — The Art of Erosion

United States (South Carolina) — The Other Denmark


South America

Argentina — Mates Drinking Mate

Ecuador — The Teddiecoon

Galápagos Islands — Kaleidoscope of Kiosks

Peru — A Fleece-y Species



Queensland — The Great Barrier Reef

Western Australia — No Bunnies Allowed

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