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Kar Geno (Center For Hope) is located in Asembo, a community in Siaya County, which is in the western part of Kenya. The population is predominantly from the Luo ethnic group. Immigrants from other ethnic groups have also settled in this area. In the entire country of Kenya, the Luo constitute the fourth largest group, with estimates in 2010 of 4.1 million.

Visitors Are Welcome

If you are ever fortunate to visit a Luo community, you will find ample entertainment. The Luo enjoy dancing since music is part of their life. You will enjoy several games accompanied by music.

You will also notice the respect and generosity accorded to the visitors. Everybody from the village will want to say amosi (hello) and shake your hand, and all the children will follow you. You will be the honored guest and will be invited to share a meal of ugali (staple food made of maize flour) with either deep-dried fish or traditional vegetables and porridge.

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Math Questions

  1. Look up the current population of Kenya. If there are approximately 4 million Luo, what percentage of the country does that make?

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Extension Questions

  1. Kenya gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1964. It has since rewritten its constitution twice, in 1969 and 2010. What human rights would you place at the top of your list if you were writing Kenya’s constitution?

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