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In Ecuador, girls lag behind their male peers in both science and math.

  • National measures of math achievement show that girls are nearly a full grade behind boys
  • Girls tend to suppress their participation and generally show less engagement
  • Teachers respond more positively to boys in math class

We decided to do something about that.

In April 2019, we launched the Girls steM Club at a high-needs school in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The club facilitates conversations across all STEM fields while focusing on math. We designed the program to meet weekly after school and involve the girls’ teachers as the club leaders.

With your support, girls will be inspired to realize their STEM potential in a safe space.

Gauging Commitment

We began by meeting with the teachers at the girls’ school. We wanted to hear about their dreams for their female students and how we might support them.

We were hoping for two teachers to serve as leaders, but four teachers stepped forward! Many others have asked for access to the lessons and materials.

Building Trust

Once the teachers were on board, we invited the eligible girls and their parents to an information session. We answered questions and explained the goals of the program.

We received an overwhelming response when 89% of the girls accepted our invitation to join the club!


During the course of one month, the girls rotate through these activities —


I have learned to work with my peers in a team. I get to tell my opinion. I really like that you teach us math.

I love the math games because we get to learn in a fun way. I can see that there’s math in everything.

With the early success of the club we are ready to head into year two. Can you help us take this program to the next level?

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