Friend of the Math Grant

On one of T2TGlobal’s first Teacher Trips to rural Guatemala, our team met sixth-grade teacher Domingo. He showed incredible dedication to his students, rising before dawn every morning to prepare for the school day ahead.

Domingo felt an urgency to provide his students with critical thinking skills, since many of them would be leaving school at the end of sixth grade. Most older children in his community need to work in the coffee fields to earn money for their families.

With a high school degree as his only training, he had been teaching for 15 years without any professional development or support. Then T2TGlobal co-founder Chadd McGlone led a workshop on student-centered math instruction at Domingo’s school. After two intense days of coaching, Domingo was exhausted but very pleased.

The workshop wrapped up with each teacher’s reflections on what they’d learned and what it meant to them. When it was Domingo’s turn to share his thoughts, he paused, smiled broadly, and in a voice thick with emotion said,

“I used to struggle to teach numbers, but now I can be a friend of the math.”

Domingo’s transformation is one that many teachers have discovered through T2TGlobal’s programs. In honor of these open-hearted educators who’ve embraced change for the sake of their students, two generous donors, Allie Mendelsohn and Karl Owen, are sponsoring a Friend of the Math Grant. The successful applicant will receive a $1600 stipend to travel on any summer Teacher Trip.

To be eligible, you need to be a current US classroom teacher who is new to the T2TGlobal Teacher Trip program.

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