First T2T-I Open House

written by Sarah Friedman

We held our first Open House for Teachers2Teachers-International on January 16, 2015. Our newly renovated office suite, complete with conference room and T2T-I mural, is now officially open to those who would like to come by for a visit.

Approximately thirty teachers and interested friends stopped in to see our new office and shop in our store. We raised $300 in sales of internationally-sourced items such as alpaca blankets and carved wooden sculptures.

Our guests enjoyed several math games, including a competition to build a tower that can hold an eight pound ball, finding patterns in multiplication tables, and creating Platonic solids (one high school student discovered that dodecahedrons can make good flower vases.) Our friend Scotty achieved “towering” success!


We served hot chocolate made with Belizean cocoa powder following an Ecuadoran recipe that includes fennel. We also poured homemade Guatemalan horchata, which is a sweetened rice beverage. Huge thanks go to Sammy Culbertson, owner of our nearby Chick-Fil-A, who donated an entire platter of chicken nuggets. We also are grateful to Harris Teeter grocery store for donating $20 towards supplies.

We would love to show off our new space to anyone who wasn’t able to attend the Open House. Just stop by for your own personal tour!


Thanks to Ellen for this lovely mural!



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