Can you believe it? For five years, T2TGlobal has been transforming math education around the world, and we hope you’ll celebrate this birthday with us! Your support on this adventure is a big part of what we’re thankful for.

From now through Giving Tuesday on December 3rd, our goal is to raise $25,000 in support of T2TGlobal’s five core programs—

  • Teacher Trips
  • Conferences
  • Institutes
  • MathMobile
  • Girls STEM Club

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share more about everything you’ve made possible in the last five years — how it all began, the impact you’ve created, and where we’re all going together. Check out this letter from our founders, Chadd & Jenny, and learn about the incredible personal journey that became a global movement. If you think this was a big five years, you haven’t seen anything yet!

In June of 2015, educators from the US partnered with teachers in Santa Avelina, Guatemala


It all started when Chadd took his daughter, Charlotte, to Guatemala.

Teacher Trips are an important part of the T2TGlobal birth story. We got to know many of you by traveling together. Today, Teacher Trips are just one of our five core programs.  

Each Teacher Trip is a one-week cultural and classroom collaboration. Visiting educators, typically classroom teachers from the US, travel abroad and are paired with colleagues at a local school. They spend the week together —

  • receiving high-quality professional development
  • collaborating on lesson plans, co-teaching in the classroom
  • even earning continuing education credits

Meet Heidi and Danielle, two recent Teacher Trip travelers who spent a week at a high-needs school in Ecuador, made possible by the generosity of supporters Allie and Karl. Listen to them describe their experience.

In creating their own education grant through T2TGlobal, Allie and Karl enabled a life-changing experience for Heidi and Danielle. Find out more about how they did it.

By supporting Teacher Trips, you’re saying that you think a global perspective matters. Global classrooms prepare today’s young minds to become tomorrow’s global citizens.  Teachers like Heidi and Danielle even gain a new circle of peers who can provide support long after the trip is over.

We believe that a strong community is key for sustainable change. Early in our work, we recognized that this kind of peer network doesn’t typically exist in developing countries, so we took action right away and launched our second flagship program in the same year — Conferences. Stay tuned for updates celebrating the second program of the five you’ve made possible.

Want to encourage a global perspective? Create a 2020 education grant like Allie & Karl.


We believe in building sustainability through strengthening community, so we designed our second core program around that idea. Starting with 23 teachers in 2014, Conferences grow a local community of mathematics educators in each of our partner countries. Held annually, they last up to four days and can impact over 300 teachers. Participating teachers learn leading instructional practices that support the development of critical thinking skills in students. 

Conferences ensure your impact is sustainable, because they build a community of local education leaders. Each year, presenters like Celestina & Yolanda connect and collaborate around their common goal of transforming education for students. 


Indigenous Maya teachers Celestina and Yolanda lead a math workshop during T2TGlobal’s annual education conference in Antigua, Guatemala


Conferences show what’s unique about T2TGlobal’s  programs…

Best in class — Because our work is vetted by leading educators, you can trust that your donation provides teachers with training on the best stuff out there. Everything we do starts with research-backed strategies in mathematics education.

Integrated programming — We focus on integrated programming for greater impact. A teacher who receives monthly training from T2TGlobal will participate in an annual Conference as well. This combination gives teachers the opportunity to exercise their new leadership skills and share what they’ve learned with peers. We believe each of our programs should complement the other, creating synergistic impact that supports sustainable quality. 

Local leaders and community — The more local leaders are driving the conversation, the more sustainable your impact will be. Collaborative education spaces like math conferences typically don’t exist in our partner countries. Your support not only creates opportunities for them to happen, but also develops the network and demand necessary to keep them going. 



Me pareció muy bien, gracias por la oportunidad. Me gustaría poner en práctica la metodología con mis niños en la escuela. I liked it a lot, thank you for the opportunity. I will enjoy putting these methods into practice with my students in school.


Gracias por compartir con nosotros sus experiencias y nosotros podremos replicar con nuestros niños de nuestra comunidad. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We will be able to replicate them with our kids in our community.

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