Coming Up in 2018…

February 25 through March 3

Regional conference for local teachers in partnership with Alliance Academy International and the Association of American Schools in South America

Quito, Ecuador

March 3 through 10

Math education seminars

Lago Atitlán, Guatemala

March 10 through 17

Math education seminars

El Paredon and Antigua, Guatemala

April 3 through 10

Math education seminars with Colegio Menor

Guayaquil, Ecuador

April TBD

Math education seminars

Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

June 1 through 10

Teacher Institute with Galapagos Conservancy

San Cristóbal, Galápagos Islands

June 10 through 16

Math education seminars


June 18 through 30


June 21 through 23

Phoenix, Arizona, US

June 29 through July 7

Antigua, Guatemala

July 4 through 15

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

July 16 through 27

Galápagos Islands

July 18 through 27

Costa Rica

August 8 through 17