A Teacher’s Experience in Uganda

by Candace White, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Over the course of two days at one particular school in Uganda, I marveled at teachers who captivated and challenged their students with what little resources they may have had. I watched some of the children teach their peers how to solve various math problems in the ranging ages of classes. I observed them peeking over the tin walls of their classrooms to catch a glimpse of their visitors. I saw them dance and sing. I relished their beautiful faces, their innocent smiles, their curious and shining eyes. I noticed their clothes: torn and ragged at the elbows or along the spine, tattered in the pants. Uniforms faded with clashing shades of blue. Stained. Worn. Yet, they did not appear phased by these materialistic shortcomings. They came to school each day, excited and hungry to learn; their desire to achieve contagious!

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